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Learn from our Subject Matter Experts, all ex-SAAF Instructors with 160+ years experience.

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Ground School

Through our sister-company, aeroCBT, we offer on-line lessons (Slides with Voice) for CPL and ATPL subjects.

(Separate Subscription per Subject)

Sounds like music in the ear.

PPL/SFI Courses

We offer all SACAA subjects for Private Pilot License:
* Principles of Flight
* Meteorology
* Air Law
* Navigation
* Flight Planning
* Human Performance (Instruction Techniques for SFIs)
* Aircraft General Knowledge

1 Month - R 395.00
3 Months - R 995.00 (Less 17%)
6 Months - R 1,705.00 (Less 22%)
12 Months - R 3,065.00 (Less 30%)

Handbooks (Set of 7) - R 2,700.00


We cater for both CPL and ATPL courses, aligned with SACAA Syllabus, including Integrated ICPL and IATPL.

1 Month - R 495.00
3 Months - R 1,235.00 (Less 17%)
6 Months - R 2,315.00 (Less 22%)
12 Months - R 4,155.00 (Less 30%)


This option allows students to access the Instrument Rating Topics only. These include:
* All Weather operations & Procedures
* Flight Planning & Performance (including POF)
* Meteorology
* Instruments & Flying on Instruments
* Radio Aids & Navigation
* Human Performance & Limitations
* Air Law

1 Month - R 395.00
2 Months - R 695.00 (Less 12%)
3 Months - R 985.00 (Less 17%)
6 Months - R1,845.00 (Less 22%)


If you operate a flight school or even a flying club providing flight training only and wish for your students to attend some sort of formal ground school, and it's not readily available, this is your opportunity. 

When your students enrol and subscribe to aeroCBT, we will pay your flight school/flying club a substantial discount. simply email [email protected] a list of Student Name, state CPL or ATPL, Email and Subjects to Subscribe.

WE do the admin, invoice you at discounted rates and you invoice your students at standard rates.

Our Lecturers

Koos van Rensburg, Qbe
S. A. Air Force Pilot Instructor (ret)
Anton Knoetze
S. A. Air Force Navigator Instructor (ret)
Jakes Jacobs
S. A. Air Force Pilot Instructor (ret)


Should you be close to writing a CAA Exam but do not wish to subscribe for full access, you now have the option to subscribe for Mocks Only and have access to a number of mocks per subject (between 16 and 22). These mocks are not linked to any expiry date. Test your exam readiness.


USD - 10.95 US$ (±ZAR 210.00)

Ground School

Subscribe now to our on-line Ground School, aeroCBT for:

ATG (Aircraft Technical General, including POF & SOPs)
Human Performance & Limitations (including 1st Aid & Survival)
Radio Aids & Navigation

Now rolling out:
Air Law
Instrument Rating (AWOPS)

To follow:
Flight Planning & Performance

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